GSM SMART KEY controller allows you to operate your garage door, gate, awning, boiler, sprinklers and other devices via your mobile phone.

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The GSM SMART KEY is a device that allows you to open a garage door, gate or barrier using your mobile phone. It acts based on the incoming call of an authorized telephone number. The administrator can edit the list of authorized users via SMS or from their PC. Since the incoming call is not completed, opening the gate or garage door is done for free.

Features of GSM SMART KEY

  • Free operation
  • Strong security
  • Convenient operation
  • Managing users on your phone or PC
  • Advantages of GSM SMART KEY versus conventional remote controls

  • No more repair costs or buying new remotes
  • Fast addition and removal of users
  • No lost or stolen remotes
  • Access control according to phone number (access history)
  • There have been devices on the market for several years that can be controlled for free by using your mobile phone 

    Thanks to GSM KEY, which uses the mobile communication network, you can control various devices. This technology is affordable, starting at € 101* (w/o VAT), and addresses many inconveniences typical for conventional remote controls. The controlled device has a module with a SIM card. It records the ringing and creates an electric impulse that triggers the intended action. What is great about this technology is that it is virtually free to use. The "controlling" phone call is not made, just the ringing is used.

    Devices equipped with the GSM KEY smart controller are also safe. The owner can choose specific mobile numbers that will operate the equipment. For the version intended for ordinary households and small businesses, the number of users is on the score of dozens, whereas the PRO version for large companies allows one device to be operated by several hundred users. The technology is incredible for its simplicity and practicality.

    To get an idea

    Simply think of a small box connected to an actuator or unit that you want to control with your mobile phone.


    The smart controller can be set via SMS or an application in your phone, and for higher versions using a computer. 


    All versions are controlled by ringing. Of course, multiple connected devices can be controlled all at once with one call.

    Did you know that

    GSM KEY is most commonly used for garage doors, gates and rolling mechanisms. "This technology is especially popular for garage doors and entry gates".

    Compared to conventional remote systems, the GSM KEY smart controller has the distinct advantage of allowing you to operate your door or gate at any distance. "You can lie on the beach far away but still open your gate back in the Czech Republic to let your gardener in to cut the grass."

    For example

    When you ring GSM KEY, you can open your garage door or gate so that you drive right in and don't block traffic. In addition, all members of your family can open the door or gate and so you need not buy expensive remotes. You can add new users with a simple SMS command, and removing them from the list is just as easy. 

    Shutters, awnings and blinds

    Besides garage doors and gates, GSM KEY controllers are also used to control shading equipment. Nothing beats being able to shade the windows of your home on a steamy summer day before you come home. You can conveniently control the shading of high pergolas, awnings or swimming pool roofs with your mobile phone.

    Boilers and air conditioning

    A growing segment more popular with remote control are boilers and air conditioning. In combination with controlling shading equipment, you can also save hundreds of euros annually by controlling these devices remotely.

    Many customers use the GMS KEY smart controller to operate the heating system at, for example, the cottage. On Thursday evening, they simply send an SMS to start up the gas boiler in a building hundreds of kilometers away. And when they get there on Friday after work, they have a perfectly warm home to walk into.

    * without VAT

    Authorized installers

    Although GSM SMART KEY can be easily installed and used intuitively, we recommend you leave installation to an authorized company. These trained professionals are not only ready to get the entire system running, they can also help you enter the telephone numbers of users and edit your settings. If problems arise, you can turn to them with confidence.

    The list of authorized installers is regularly updated. We choose companies with years of experience in the installation of garage doors, gates and barriers.

    Mobile application

    You will find the mobile application for controlling the SMART3 controller under the name SECTRON GSM KEY at the Apple App store and Google Play.

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    • GSM KEY allows you to open garage doors, gates and barriers via a mobile phone.
    • Opening them FREE OF CHARGE.
    • Controlled by mobile phone.
    • 100% safe - authorization according to phone number.
    • Option to control other devices - security system, heating, pumps
    • GSM Key LITE - for households
    • GSM KEY SMART - for households and small businesses
    • GSM Key PRO - for companies, hotels, parking garages