How does GSM KEY work? 

GSM KEY smart controller is essentially a GSM modem with an interface that allows you to connect a wide variety of actuators of all makes and then operate them with an electric pulse. The electric pulse is generated in GSM KEY when it is "rung" from the user's mobile phone and this actuates the drive mechanism that opens the gate. Before GSM KEY sends the pulse to the actuator, it verifies whether the mobile phone number calling is in the database of authorized users. If the telephone number is not found there, the ringing is simply ignored.

What does it cost to operate?

The cost of operating the equipment is limited to the cost of maintaining the functionality of your SIM card in GSM KEY. We recommend that you insert your SIM card with the cheapest tariff. For prepaid cards, some activities may be required by the operator to ensure your SIM card is not blocked because of non-use. Some operators require, for example, a credit top-up or certain amount of calls be made every year.

What is the difference between the LITE and PRO versions? 

In both versions, GSM KEY can open doors, gates and barriers, as well as the option of connecting and switching other devices. An example is switching on or off your heating source or pump and sending information via SMS from installed sensors and alarm systems.

The LITE version is good for use at home and for small businesses with up to 20 users. The user administration and setup is done only via mobile phone. The PRO version is good for medium and large companies, guest houses and hotels, and office buildings with a higher movement of people (more than 20 users). The user administration is perhaps a mobile phone or GSM Key ADMIN software. GSM Key ADMIN software is a professional solution for administering several GSM Keys PRO at the same time directly from a PC. Additionally, it includes other features such as sending SMS messages about a power failure when using backup batteries or recording up to 1000 gate openings with data about the phone number and time.

Is using a common remote control or GSM KEY preferable?

The advantage of using the GSM KEY smart controller increases with the number of users and remoteness of using it. With a greater number of users, the cost of ordinary remotes is a surprisingly high investment compared to the zero cost for using GSM KEY. A mobile phone, which nearly everyone owns today, is used as the remote control.

The cost of a receiver for ordinary remotes is roughly around half the price of GSM KEY, but for 3 users who need three remotes, GSM KEY starts to become more cost-effective.

In case a remote control is lost or damaged, it must be replaced and re-investment made for a new one. If a mobile phone is lost, the phone number is simply erased by the phone administrator or directly from the GSM Key ADMIN software.

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  • GSM KEY allows you to open garage doors, gates and barriers via a mobile phone.
  • Opening them FREE OF CHARGE.
  • Controlled by mobile phone.
  • 100% safe - authorization according to phone number.
  • Option to control other devices - security system, heating, pumps
  • GSM Key LITE - for households
  • GSM KEY SMART - for households and small businesses
  • GSM Key PRO - for companies, hotels, parking garages