Smart devices for opening garage doors, gates or barriers with your mobile phone. Good for homes and small businesses. User management via mobile phone. We offer two versions LITE3 and LITE3 T

Package contents:

  • GSM Key LITE3 or LITE3 T
  • GSM articulated antenna, gain 2 dB
  • Power adapter (LITE3) or cable (LITE3 T)
  • Terminal 8-pin, 2-pin
  • Mounting plate for DIN 35, screw (LITE3)
  • 3M Dual Lock assembly tape (LITE3 T)
  • Installation canvas, warranty card, detailed manual

Owning a television with a remote control is the absolute must these days. It does not even occur to you to switch the channels using the button on your TV. But did you know that you can control, for example, your garage door, driveway gate or even your sprinkler system the same way as you switch on your TV?


  • 1 output for connecting your gate, garage door or barrier
  • 2 inputs for stop sensors, photocells, etc. atd  
  • 20 users
  • mobile phone administration