GSM KEY SMART 3T is a controller designed for opening two gates, doors, barriers, driveway security posts and other similar devices with a mobile phone. Good for use in households, family residences, businesses, hotels and parking garages. Version good for installing to the actuator.

GSM KEY SMART 3T is compatible with the GSMKEY.Cloud * cloud service, with which you can manage your SMART 3T from anywhere. Try 3 months for FREE and discover the benefits of GSMKEY.Cloud.

The advantage of GSM KEY SMART 3T, which replaces up to 1000 key chains, is the low cost, small size, durable metal casing, setting functions using PC/SMS/mobile applications, and encrypted device operation. 

Package contents:

  • GSM antenna articulated 2 dBi
  • 2x cable terminals
  • 3M Dual Lock (velcro)
  • 2x cabling
  • USB cable
  • Installation canvas, detailed manual

* Power adapter not included

Owning a television with a remote control is the absolute norm these days. It does not even occur to you to switch the channels using the button on your TV. But did you know that you can control, for example, your garage door, driveway gate or even your sprinkler system the same way as you switch on your TV? 

(*) works with devices produced in 2020 and later 

202,00 €

recommended retail price w/o VAT

GSM SMART KEY 3T is your modern controller for anything!

With this smart controller, you finally have the entire company under control. The GSM KEY SMART 3T can control garage doors, gates, shutters, awnings, pumps, electronics, production line and lots more. And all comfortably without a remote control, chip or even manually. Say goodbye to thousands of inefficient operations and welcome modern technology into your company. All you need for it is your mobile phone with iOS or Android.

How does the GSM KEY SMART 3T work?

Simply! Just ring a selected number and this transmits the command from GSM KEY. Ideal is to wait at least for one ring and then hang up. An excellent choice is to use speed dial on your phone. Just one press and your garage door will open before you. You don't even have to be close to your garage. Relays take care of the desired activation. And that's all! The caller number must only be authorized in GSM Key with privileges set to activate the request.

GSM KEY SMART 3T controllers have been elaborated to the last detail. It is therefore possible to create different scenarios with them so that you can set different privileges for individual users. Purchasing GSM KEY not only ensures you, for example, a comfortable entrance to your garage but also cost savings. You save the costs associated with acquiring garage door remotes for all family members, because today everyone has a mobile phone.


  • 2 inputs for connecting garage doors, gates or barriers
  • 2 outputs for stop sensors, photocells, etc.
  • 1000 users
  • mobile phone administratio
  • administration using PC
  • reset button
  • event history
  • USB interface



Software, firmware, drivers, manuals are available on the DOWNLOADS page


A brand-new service, GSM KEY is simple to set up via the computer (Windows) or by using the application in your phone / tablet (Google or Apple).